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VY Series

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8100KV/9500KV 98KV 130KV 167KV 1750KV/2400KV/2700KV 1900KV/2400KV/2600KV 170KV/330KV/380KV/500KV 380KV/520KV/680KV/800KV 2150KV/2450KV/2650KV 1800KV/2300KV/2450KV/2600KV 3200KV 1700KV/2300KV/2600KV 2800KV/3600KV/4100KV 1750KV/2400KV/2550KV/2700KV 1750KV/2450KV/2700KV 2450KV/2650KV 1750KV/2400KV/2500KV/2700KV 2300KV/2450KV/2600KV/2700KV 2450KV/2700KV 2850KV 1660KV/2400KV/2550KV 1720KV/2140KV/2300KV/2600KV 5100KV/7100KV 1750KV/2500KV/2700KV 1850KV/2450KV/2700KV 10000KV/12000KV/15000KV 1750KV/2300KV/2600KV/2800KV/3000KV 640KV/900KV/1050KV/1200KV/1520KV 900KV/1115KV 1750KV/2550KV 1200KV/1500KV/1750KV/1850KV/2200KV/2450KV 490KV 1560/1750/1920/2108/2400/2700/3400 2900KV/3650KV 900KV/1050KV/1520KV 690KV/900KV/960KV/1115KV 1300KV/ 1700KV 8000KV/11000KV 930KV/1030KV/1380KV 1750/1920/ 2400/2700 960KV/1090KV/1180KV 1800KV/2400KV/2700KV 1550KV&3100KV(6S)/1900KV&4150KV(4S) 1750KV/1900KV/2350KV 2000KV/2450KV 1950KV&1700KV (6S 5\" prop) / 2100KV&3150KV (4S 5\" prop) 2650KV(4S)/2950KV(6S)/3950KV(4S) 1650KV (2S 7\" triblade prop) 1500KV/ 1900KV 1700KV/1950KV/2100KV/3150KV
9N12P 36N42P 24N28P 12N14P
Wire AWG
24AWG 24AWG 16cm 24AWG with 160mm Length
N52H arc magnets N52H
Copper wire
Missile Grade Material( resistant to 260℃) 260 ℃ Military Grade Material
No.of Cells(Lipo)
4-6S 4/6S 3-4S
Base casing
Al 7075
Bell cap
Al 7075
Japanese NSK 5x2x2.5 mm Japanese NMB 7x3x3mm Japanese NSK 5X2X2.5mm
0.15mm Nippon stell silicon steel
Bolt Pattern
M2 (12mm 12 mm) M2 (12X12mm)
16.3g with 16cm long wires 14.9g with short wire 12g with 160mm Length
VY 1504.5 Motor (CW) Sale
$14.99 $18.99
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VY 2004 Ultralight Motor Sale
$21.99 $24.99
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VY 1507 Motor Sale
$16.99 $19.99
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