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8100KV/9500KV(1) 1750KV/2400KV/2700KV(1) 1900KV/2400KV/2600KV(1) 170KV/330KV/380KV/500KV(1) 380KV/520KV/680KV/800KV(1) 2150KV/2450KV/2650KV(1) 1800KV/2300KV/2450KV/2600KV(1) 3200KV(1) 1700KV/2300KV/2600KV(1) 2800KV/3600KV/4100KV(2) 1750KV/2400KV/2550KV/2700KV(1) 1750KV/2450KV/2700KV(1) 2450KV/2650KV(2) 1750KV/2400KV/2500KV/2700KV(1) 2300KV/2450KV/2600KV/2700KV(1) 2450KV/2700KV(1) 2850KV(1) 1660KV/2400KV/2550KV(1) 5100KV/7100KV(1) 1750KV/2500KV/2700KV(1) 1850KV/2450KV/2700KV(1) 10000KV/12000KV/15000KV(1) 1750KV/2300KV/2600KV/2800KV/3000KV(1) 900KV/1115KV(2) 1750KV/2550KV(1) 1200KV/1500KV/1750KV/1850KV/2200KV/2450KV(1) 490KV(1) 1560/1750/1920/2108/2400/2700/3400(1) 2900KV/3650KV(1) 900KV/1050KV/1520KV(1)
Base casing
Al 7075(26) AI 7075(2) Japanese NSK 4x1.5x2mm(1) Al 6061(1)
0.15mm Kawasaki silicon steel(2) 0.2mm Kawasaki silicon steel(9) 0.15mm Nippon Steel silicon steel(15) 0.15mm Nippon stell silicon steel(2) 0.15mm Nippon steel silicon steel(2) 0.2mm silicon steel(1)
9N12P(5) 24N28P(1) 12N14P(27)
Prop Adapter Shaft Thread
M5(21) M6(3) POPO PRO shaft(1)
Titanium Alloy hollow shaft(17) Titanium Alloy shaft(3) SUS 402(1)
No.of Cells(Lipo)
1-2S(2) 6-12S(1) 4-6S(10) 4-5S(7) 6S-12S(1) 3-5S(2) 3-4S(4) 3S-4S(2) 2S-3S(1) 3-6S(1) 5-6S(1) 6-8S(1)
Bolt Pattern
M2 (9mmX9mm)(3) M4(30X30mm)(2) M3 (16X16mm)(5) M3 (16X19mm)(11) M3 (25X25mm);M3(30X30mm)(1) M3 (12mm)(1) M2 (12mmX12mm)(1) M3(16X19mm)(1) M3(16X16mm)(1) M3 (12mmX12mm)(1) M2 (12mmX12mm) M3 (19mmX19mm)(1) M2 (7mm)(1) M3 (19X19mm)(3) M3 (16mmX16mm)(1)
Japanese NSK 5*2*2.5(1) Japanese NMB 9x4x4mm(3) Japanese NSK 8x 3 x 4mm(1) Φ15*Φ6*5(1) Japanese NMB 17X6X6(2) Japanese EZO 8x4x3mm(2) Japanese NSK 9x4x4mm(1) Japanese NMB 6x3x2.5mm(1) Japanese NSK 8x3x4mm(3) Japanese NSK 5x2x2.5mm(2) Japanese NMB 9X4X4(2) Japanese EZO 8x 4 x 3mm(3) Japanese EZO 9 x 4 x 4mm(1) Japanese NMB 6*3*2.5mm(1) Japanese NSK 8*3*4(1) Japanese NSK 4x1.5x2mm(2) Japanese NMB 9x 4 x 4mm(1) Japanese NMB 11x5x5 mm(1) NMB 9x4x4(1) Japanese NSK 4*1.5*2(1) Japanese NMB 11mm X 5mm X 5 mm(1)
N52H arc magnets(26) N52H arc Magnet(5) N52H arc magnetss(1) Black N52H arc magnets(1)
6g with 16cm SR wires(1) 29.3g with short SR wires(1) 35.7g with 16cm SR wires(1) 339g with 90cm SR wires(1) 215g with 75cm SR wires(1) 35g with 16cm SR wires(1) 32.5g with 16cm SR wires(1) 22g with 16cm SR wires(2) 29 with 16cm SR wires(1) 15.6g with 16cm SR wires(1) 32g with 16cm SR wires(4) 26.5g with 16cm SR wires(2) 31g with 16cm SR wires(1) 33g with 16cm SR wires(1) 7.6g with 16cm SR wires(1) 35.5g with 16cm SR wires(1) 39.5g with 16cm SR wires(1) 18g with 16cm SR wires(1) 3.4g(1) 27.5g with 16cm SR wires(1) 110g with 25cm SR wires(1) 78g with 25cm SR wires(2) 33g with 16cm SR wires Wire(1) 40g with 20cm SR wires(1) 117g with 50cm(1) 33g with short SR wires(1) about 7.5g(include wires)(1)
Wire AWG
26AWG wire 16cm length(1) 20AWG 16cm length(4) 20AWG 16cm length(9) 16# 900mm Length(1) 14#,750mm Length(1) 24AWG 16cm length(1) 26AWG 16cm length(2) 20#,16cm Length(1) 20# 16cm Length(1) 20AWG(2) 30AWG wire 16cm length(1) 18AWG 16cm length(1) 18AWG 25cm length(3) 18AWG 20cm length(1) 20#,400mm Length(1) 30AWG wire 20cm length(1)
Bell cap
Al 7075(23) AI 7075(5) Al 6061(2) Al7075(2) Al 6063(1)
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